Wieczorek Joins SD Congressional Race

A Davison County rancher has thrown his hat into the ring for South Dakota’s only seat in the US House of Representatives.

Ron Wieczorek filed petitions to run as an Independent candidate yesterday (Tues.) at the Secretary of State’s Office. He gathered over four-thousand signatures and says he’s confident more than enough will be valid to put his name on the November ballot.

Wieczorek, who ran for the state’s US House seat three times during the 90s, supports the idea of “food for peace.”

Wieczorek says he believes in the long term, tariffs and duties are essential to making good trade policy.

Wieczorek says he wants the Glass-Steagall Act restored because speculative banking activity is thrown out while commercial and deposit banking is protected. He also wants to restore the American credit system, the National Bank and the Space Program, rebuild America’s railroads and build more water management and fusion nuclear power facilities.