Walworth County Commission Meeting & Video 6-18-19

Walworth County resident Linda Beaman read a portion of a codified law stating that unapproved draft minutes of any public meeting must be available for inspection within 10 business days after the meeting.  Beaman notified the board that they are in violation of this codifed law by not posting those draft minutes on the county website. When she asked Commision Chairperson Scott Schilling why this was, he did not answer and instructed the meeting to move on because this item was not listed on the agenda for discussion.

The board approved paying the list of claims except for 2 bills from Clark Engineering – one for 2018 flood repairs and another for the Sitka Road culvert. Total of the two bills – $396.83.

Mobridge Regional Hospital Finance Officer Renee Tisdall asked the commission to review the community health funding and ambulance funding for the next budget year.  It is a 3 way contract between the hospital, county, and state.  States Attorney James Hare told the board to consider the lack of cooperation between the hospital and the state’s attorney’s office.

Alcohol beverage renewal applications for both Bridge City Marina and Mudline Adventures doing business as New Evarts Resort were approved.

The commission held some discussion on a request to reduce tipping fees from the Police Positive Clean-up Project.  It was decided that more information is needed and they will be invited to attend the next commission meeting.

Commissioner Kevin Holgard questioned why jail staff are getting “free meals” at the jail.

Sheriff Josh Boll said he can start charging jail staff for meals if the commission wants him to.  States attorney Hare reminded the commission that jail staff are not allowed to leave while on duty.  Commissioner Schilling suggested that the jail staff meals also be listed on the report going forward.

Sheriff Boll presented his proposed maintenance plan and revenue options for the jail, which includes starting talks with the federal marshals again, and also the possible interest of 6 counties to assist financially.  Commissioner Schilling’s schematic plan is expected by the July 2nd meeting.