Walworth Co. Commission Meeting with VIDEO August 6, 2019

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Walworth County Commission, two county residents addressed the board during public forum.  Linda Beaman…


Carolyn Schmit had a question for the commissioners…


After a pause, Commission Chairperson Scott Schilling said he would not answer her question. She responded that’s what she had expected him to say and thanked the board for their time.

Pat Thorstenson, on behalf of the Mobridge Rodeo Association, requested a reduction in the tipping fees for clean up on properties just west of the rodeo grounds. The commission approved the request and in the future will consider similar requests on a case by case basis.

The commission discussed the 3% employee raise amount for 2020. The amount will be corrected from the recently published .73 cents per hour to .53 cents per hour.

Sheriff Josh Boll told the commission they have completed the U.S. Marshal negotiations. They are locked in at a rate of $97, effective October 1st. The roof of the jail will be repaired this fall for $12,500, $30,000 will be in the budget for 2020 for maintenance, and Commissioner Kevin Holgard thinks by this time next year a decision will be made on what to do with the jail.

The commission passed a motion to authorize publication of the 2020 provisional budget.

County Emergency manager Amanda Silbernagel had to use her personal vehicle when called to respond during a hail storm on July 16th because she did not have time to get from Mobridge to Selby to use her E.M. vehicle. Her insurance company has deemed her personal vehicle totaled with damages at $5400. She requested to be reimbursed her $500 deductible. The commission passed a motion to reimburse her, with Commissioner Marion Schlomer the lone no vote, even after State’s Attorney James Hare clarified the difference between county employees driving to work not being within the scope of employment, but using a personal vehicle to do county business definitely being within the scope of employment.

Shari Rossow gave the board a wrap up of this year’s 4-H Achievement Days. Commissioner Kevin Holgard reported that he had been at the livestock barn on Friday and was impressed with the activities and participants and the hard work they put in. Holgard also told the board that this year the highway department bathrooms were not available for the 4-Hers to use and some last minute scrambling to find porta potties had occurred.

Walworth County Commission meetings are open to the public.