State Employee Insurance Plan Likely to Need Funding

YANKTON, SD (WNAX)- Members of the Appropriations Committee of the South Dakota legislature got an update on the state employee insurance plan this week.

The legislature last year moved over $11-million into the insurance fund to make up a shortfall.

Laurie Gill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Human Resources, told lawmakers they estimated insurance costs would rise to $12.5-million for next year. She says they tried to make minimal changes in costs to state employees.


Gill says even with the extra money, the plan would still run a shortfall.


Gill says the legislature did not set aside any new money for the plan this year.


Gill says insurance claims through May are running about $2.5-million above their estimates, but they should still end with a reserve of about $6-million, which means the plan doesn’t need emergency funding right now.