Stanley County Class of 2018 Scholarships Awarded

Members of the Stanley County Class of 2018 were awarded more than $265,000 in scholarship monies at the annual Scholarship Night which was held Monday, May 7 in Fort Pierre. Eleven seniors accounted for approximately $265,000 in scholarships, including five Build Dakota scholarships worth an average of $40,000 per scholarship. The Build Dakota is a full-ride to any one of the four technical institutes in South Dakota. There were 313 Build Dakota scholarships awarded in South Dakota this spring. Following the initial announcement, an additional $100,000 was added by the Governor’s office this month to be used for matching business sponsorships. Twenty of 36 of the students will attend technical programs at three of the four SD tech schools. The scholarships were awarded to both technical school as well as four-year university-bound students. The largest scholarship of the night was presented to senior Ryan Habeck who received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. The appointment was presented to Habeck by Murray Thompson, LTC. Habeck’s appointment to the USAFA has an approximately monetary value of more than $400,000. Habeck was recommended for the appointment by all three of South Dakota Congressional members of SD Congressional members.