SD Dicamba Cutoff Date Approaching

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture reminds applicators that June 30 is the cutoff date for dicamba products.


The SDDA obtained Special Local Needs registration labels, also known as 24(c) labels,
from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the following products: Engenia,
Fexapan and Xtendimax with VaporGrip Technology. These labels establish a June 30
cutoff for applications of these products in South Dakota for the 2019 growing season.
Applicators can use these products until soybeans reach the R1 growth stage, 45 days
after planting or June 30, whichever comes first.


“While the weather has had an impact on planting this year, which I know is frustrating for
many producers, the fact remains that warmer conditions in July increase the risk of
volatility and drift when using dicamba products. The cutoff date is based on data which
supports increased risk of drift after July 1,” says Secretary of Agriculture Kim
Vanneman. “I encourage producers to explore the other products available to them once
the cutoff date for use of dicamba has passed.”


Anyone applying Engenia, Fexapan or Xtendimax with VaporGrip Technology must also
abide by the restrictions included in the EPA labels for those products, including
recordkeeping requirements. Additionally, applicators applying or purchasing these
products will have to complete annual dicamba specific training. Trainings can be found
on the SDDA website at