Pierre JO Softball Division 5 Post Season Tournament Begins

PIERRE, S.D. – The Pierre JO Softball Division 5 Fastpitch post season tournament began last night (Wednesday) at the Oahe Softball Complex in Pierre. Here is how the teams did:
Lower Brule vs Curry/Boutchee Winner: Curry/Boutchee 7-1
Stoeser/Torgrude vs Hansen/Keyes (Pickle Power) Winner: Stoeser/Torgrude 5-3
Curry/Boutchee vs Roman Hofer Winner: Curry/Boutchee 7-4
Semifinal game: Stoeser/Torgrude vs Curry/Boutchee Winner: Stoeser/Torgrude 5-0 Stoeser/Torgrude advance to championship game next week.
Loser Bracket:
Lower Brule vs Pickle Power Winner: Pickle Power 10-4
Pickle Power vs Roman/Hofer Winner: Pickle Power 10-1
Next Wednesday will see Pickle Power play Curry/Boutchee in an ellimination game with the winner to face Stoeser/Torgrude in the championship game. Stoeser/Torgurde is undefeated in the tournament so they will have to lose two games.