Navy Names Ship for South Dakota Capital City–New Littoral Combat Ship to be named USS Pierre

The US Navy will name its next Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship USS Pierre (LCS 38) in honor of the capital city of South Dakota.

Pierre is the hometown of Sen. Mike Rounds, who says it’s an honor to have a Navy vessel named after the state’s capital city.


The ship will be 419 feet long and be capable of operating at speeds of more than 40 knots—or over 46mph.


The first USS Pierre was a PC-461-class submarine chaser built for the United States Navy during World War II. Originally called the USS PC-1141, she was renamed USS Pierre in 1956. The ship was decommissioned from the US Navy at Pearl Harbor in October 1958, then transferred to the Indonesian Navy (KRI Tjakalang).

The USS Pierre (LCS 38) announcement comes a few days after the USS South Dakota (SSN 790) fast attack submarine officially joined the US Navy’s fleet (Feb. 2, 2019).

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1st USS Pierre info: