Mobridge City Council Meeting June 11, 2019


John Ayoub spoke during public forum on behalf of the Mobridge Hospital & Clinics, the Mobridge Regional Healthcare Foundation, and the Mobridge Regional Hospital Auxiliary to ask the council to consider lowering the rental fees charged to use the Scherr Howe Event Center for special events.  Currently the cost is $250 per day, plus insurance and a deposit.  Mayor Gene Cox voiced his concern that this will set a precedent that everyone will start coming to the council to lower their fees as well.  Mobridge resident Amy Cerney spoke as a junior class parent, saying the building is not affordable to use for post prom activities…

The council will get a committee together to see what can be done on the issue.

Also at the council meeting, Ron Landis was appointed to the Zoning board.

A quote from Jensen Rock & Sand for street repairs was approved, as was Parker Bloom as a seasonal hire.

The purchase of two mowers for the water department were approved at a cost of $11, 220 each.

Public hearing was held and approval was granted for a liquor license transfer from ShopKo to Gas and Goodies.

A pay request on the runway project was approved, as was the FAA Airport A.I.P grant application for the new runway lights.  City Administrator Christine Goldsmith…

Council held discussion on changing the council meeting day to Monday.  Councilperson Tony YellowBoy says the change would help him out and give the paper an extra day.  Council persons Tom O’Connell and Randy Carlson are against changing it, citing the number of holidays that occur on Mondays and several changes to the day in recent years.  Councilperson Curt Reichert would vote to keep it on Tuesday because he is used to it, and Councilperson Jeff Landreaux stated it doesn’t matter to him because of his weekday hours.  No action was taken.