Jury Finds Eagle Butte Man Guilty of Assaulting a Federal Officer

A federal jury in Pierre has convicted a 54-year-old Eagle Butte man of Assaulting a Federal Officer.

Pete Knight faces a maximum penalty of eight years in custody and/or a $250-thousand fine and two years of supervised release.

The charge stemmed from an incident in May 2017, in Ziebach County, when Sheriff Gary Cudmore clocked the vehicle driving 95 mph and performed a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the driver, who is a tribal member, it was apparent that the person had been drinking and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Police Department was contacted. The individual was placed in the back of Sheriff Cudmore’s patrol car until tribal officers arrived.

Prior to the tribal officers arriving, Knight and another individual stopped at the location of the traffic stop, as the vehicle stopped by Sheriff Cudmore belonged to Knight. Knight requested to talk to the occupant of the patrol car and the sheriff allowed it. When the door to the patrol vehicle was opened, Knight began to physically assault the occupant, who was handcuffed. Sheriff Cudmore was able to pull Knight back, but Knight continued to get through the sheriff to get at the occupant. In the process, Knight shoved Sheriff Cudmore. Knight eventually left the scene.

Knight later returned riding a horse, and another altercation occurred. Knight was found not guilty regarding that incident.

A pre-sentence investigation was ordered and a sentencing date was set for April 30. The Knight is to self-report to the custody of the US Marshals Service tomorrow (Feb. 14).