I-29 Open from Sioux Falls to North Dakota Border

Officials are opening the entire previously closed portion of Interstate 29 from Sioux Falls to the North Dakota border effective immediately.


Motorists are reminded that winter driving conditions still exist with compacted snow and ice from yesterday’s blizzard and the continued below zero temperatures . Slow down and plan extra time for reaching your destination today.


State highways, especially some of the east and west routes in the northeastern part of the state, saw very heavy drifting overnight and crews are still working to get them safe for travel. If you see a snowplow, stay back at least 8 car lengths and never pass in a snow cloud.


Be sure to check safetravelusa.com/sd or call 5-1-1 for any No Travel Advisories that may still be posted and stay off those routes until they are clear and safe for travel.


If you must travel, officials advise having an emergency winter survival kit including a charged cell phone. Slow down, turn off cruise, buckle up, pay attention and allow plenty of time to reach your destination safely.