Homemade cloth masks are one way people can help amid COVID-19 pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has many people feeling powerless and wondering what they can do to help.

If you can sew, making homemade, cloth face masks for use at hospitals and clinics is one thing you could do.

A spokesman for the Avera health care system says they are NOT short on masks, but they have received an outpouring of requests from volunteers who want to help in some way. The Avera Faith and Community Engage program (F.A.C.E) provides guidelines, instructions, material lists and patterns in the “How Can I Help Sew Masks for Health Care Workers?” section at AveraBalance.org.

In the Pierre/Fort Pierre area, there is a large storage tote located in Pierre in the Helmsley Center vestibule where homemade face mask donations can be dropped off.