Federal funds help SD farmers; Don’t cover all losses

South Dakota farmers recently received $19.4 million in payments from the federal government to offset losses caused by the ongoing international trade war. The two segments hit hardest by the tariffs are soybeans and hogs.

South Dakota News Watch reporter Bart Pfankuch has more.


The payments from the federal Market Facilitation Program are calculated based on production levels in 2018. These figures are for payments made as of Oct. 31, 2018. (Source: Data obtained from USDA by Environmental Working Group)

State                       Number of payments              Total paid out

Iowa                       4,268                                    $30.9 million

Minnesota               6,400                                     $43.3 million

Montana                 1,218                                     $3.2 million

Nebraska                4,249                                     $25.9 million

North Dakota          2,883                                     $13.2 million

South Dakota          2,895                                     $19.4 million

Wyoming                198                                       $277,838

United States          87,697                                   $355.6 million

More information is available at sdnewswatch.org.