Democratic Party May Show Complete Slate of Candidates for November Election

The Democratic party in South Dakota may have candidates on the ballot for all 105 state senate and house races this fall—something that may never have happened before in the largely Republican state.

Party executive director Sam Parkinson says the slate of Democratic candidates is looking good.


Parkinson says “there’s some great buzz going on” within the state Democratic party right now.


This week, State Senate Minority Leader Sen. Billie Sutton and State House Minority Leader Spence Hawley expressed some disappointment in the 2018 Legislative Session saying it was one of missed opportunities. They said they were glad to see schools, state employees and community service providers get an increase in funding, but funding in these three areas has fallen so far behind what it should have been over the years, the state will continue to find it hard to meet the needs of residents and to attract and retain qualified educators, state employees and healthcare professionals. Hawley and Sutton also said they were disappointed to see the number of attacks on the ballot measure process and the rejection of Democratic attempts to take action on issues such as workforce development, early childhood education, affordable housing, campaign finance reform and making state government more open and accountable.