Antique Motorcycles to Make a Stop in Pierre Saturday

About 110 antique motorcyles will make a stop in Pierre on Saturday while on their way from Portland, ME, to Portland, OR.

Local event organizer Ryan Riedy says bikes participating in the Motorcycle Cannonball endurance race will be on display at the Steamboat Park parking lot and street areas Saturday by late afternoon.


According to the Motorcycle Cannonball website, this is the most difficult antique motorcycle endurance run in the world. It’s held every other year, making 2018 the 5th run ever. The public is welcome to go to Steamboat Park in Pierre to look at the motorcycles and visit with the riders. There is no admission fee.

To make space to display the antique motorcycles, Dakota Avenue from the bridge exit off Sioux Avenue to the James Street intersection in Pierre will be closed the majority of the day on Saturday.

Photo credit: Motorcycle Cannonball website