AARP urges SD seniors to stay connected for coronavirus info

Being urged to stay at home because of the pandemic doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself completely or go off the information grid.

AARP South Dakota is urging seniors to stay connected so they get reliable guidelines during the crisis.

State Director Erik Gaikowski says with older people considered one of the more vulnerable age groups for infection, it’s important they follow advice from trusted health experts. He says every Thursday in the coming weeks, A-A-R-P will host a free “telephone town hall” for anyone with questions, whether they’re members or not.

Gaikowski says it might be harder for South Dakota seniors to keep up with information because broadband access is a challenge in some areas. He hopes it doesn’t become more of a problem as the pandemic unfolds.

He says that’s why it’s important for residents who don’t have online access, or who encounter troubles connecting, to call in to the town hall.

Gaikowski says the conversations won’t include any political spin or partisan tone. The AARP Tele-Town Halls will begin at noon Central time every Thursday. The toll-free number to call is 1-855-274-9507.

He also advises seniors to follow the guidelines from state officials as they respond to the pandemic.