Man Taken to Hospital After Discovered Hanging From Bed Sheet in Jail Cell

Hughes County Jail


PIERRE, S.D. – (DRG News) A Fort Pierre man who was scheduled to be sentenced today for violating probation on a Stanley County charge of animal mistreatment from 2009 and for separate charges from Hughes County was transported to the hospital yesterday after jailers found him hanging from a bed sheet in his cell. A statement on 27-year-old Flint Dahl from Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt indicates that corrections officers at the Hughes County Jail found Dahl at 2:15 p.m. yesterday. The statement goes on to say that emergency medical measures began immediately including CPR and all available lifesaving efforts. Dahl was transported to Avera St. Mary’s Hospital where he was stabilized and transported to Avera McKennan Hospital where he remains in critical condition. Leidholt says Dahl was in custody for probation violations relating to Hughes County charges of DUI 1st, Boating Under the Influence and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He was also facing probation violations from Stanley County on charges that included Inhumane Treatment of an Animal for an incident involving a rodeo horse during the Fourth of July Rodeo in 2009 and Reckless Driving. Leidholt says the investigation into this incident is continuing and is being conducted by the SD Division of Criminal Investigation.

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  1. Guest Reply

    I hope that the media is happy… It is hard to believe that someone can be so picked on and “bullied” by the media and the court system. I completely lead to this instead of actually helping Flint and giving him the treatment that he needed. Unbelievable!

  2. guest Reply

    I was just saying the same thing all morning .. over a horse..

    • Guest Reply

      No it was not “over a horse”. He had much bigger problems which lead to his unfortunate death. His choices in life were poor.

      • guest Reply

        The horse incident and the media coverage and all the slanderous comments he received in the years since have greatly lead to his choices, making it almost impossible for him to live an honest life after all that
        everything could have most definitely been prevented

        • Slanderous??? Reply

          Before you start throwing the word “slanderous” around, why don’t you give a specific example slander! Has ANYTHING that has been reported been incorrect or embellished?

          • Guest

            I’ve heard it with my own ears. The story got blown up into something much worse than the actual truth. You know it too, so back the F off of this kid.

          • johnathon

            im very sorry for his family!!! His choices were his own!!! He oviously wanted his name in the midia. To top it off, hurtin his own family last of all shows his true color, problem solved!!!

          • Guest

            You cannot judge somebody who was in that kind of pain. You don’t know what he was going through. You are a heartless fool.

          • Guest

            If you cared one iota about how his family feels you would not be saying such hurtful and nasty things. Shame!

          • guest

            No one really knows the truth of that night except Flint, Dually, and God. Obviously Flint made a bad choice in what he did in both taking the horse and the cell. But maybe just maybe he had had enough of all the judging, name calling, etc. people can be cruel Both he and the horse owner had there day in court to say what they felt needed to be said. He wanted to obviously be free of all this fighting. What’s done is done now let everyone rest and move on with there grieving and life. Choices have been made and no one can be blamed for choices that one individual makes for them selves.

          • Guest

            I disagree with that last line. We all know that bullying is often used as a weapon.

          • Guest

            Yes but you choose how you let it affect you and your life. As an individual you know what is truly in your heart. Choose to prove people wrong or choose to prove people right. None of that really matters now what matters is his family is suffering because he decided they only to get away from it all is to leave the ones that loved and supported him the most behind.

          • Guest

            Let’s be REAL here. And let’s not get caught up in blaming the victim. Not everybody is emotionally strong enough to endure such. Have you been in his situation? No! Therefore you don’t know, so keep your judgments to yourself. I find it disgusting that you feel the need to judge somebody who was in that much pain.

          • Curious

            Blaming the victim who actually are you referring to as the victim? In pain? over something that he created. Yes Im sure he faced more judgment out side of the media in people looking at him cross or saying bad things. We are the creators of our reality and life. In my opinion he had options to turn to consoling, treatment etc. Yet he didn’t, So many claim to have cared yet it doesn’t seem anyone that saw him in his pain steeped up and had him committed to behavioral health for his deep depression. Yet they want to blame everyone else, for what happened. He made his one choices. Did anyone when he went to jail this last time inform the judge of his deep depression or state a concern that he could possibly commit suicide? Because he would have been put on suicide watch.

          • Slanderous???

            And there again… specific example!

          • Guest

            We’re not here to appease you. Some things should not be repeated. Especially when they are lies.

          • Slanderous???

            Well, I guess I’ll just rest my case then.

          • Guest

            Three words. Small town gossip. Don’t play stupid about that.

          • Slanderous???

            Okay, I’ve been accused of both “playing” ignorant and stupid. I’m talking about MEDIA COVERAGE!!! NOT small town gossip!!!

    • Guest Reply

      This has little to do with it being “over a horse”. The situation with the horse was a symptom of what was really the problem: a young man living a life of poor choices and little consequences. I think we should all be thankful it was “just a horse” and not a human being that he brutalized or killed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a personal problem that began far before the media became involved. To blame the media for Flint Dahl’s problems is ridiculous. Flint Dahl is responsible for his actions and his predicament. Period.

  3. guest Reply

    I fully agree with the person in regard to the Media bullying of Flint Dahl. I am an
    animal lover, but less attention has been paid to the murder of a human being than
    to Flint Dahl. The media and some members of the community, instead of focusing
    on the prevalent drug and alcohol problems in our community, which led to the
    problems which Flint Dahl encountered, have instead set out to bully Flint Dahl.
    Flint Dahl was my friend; his parents are my friends. People who knew Flint Dahl
    would describe him as respectful, courteous and fun loving. The MEDIA has
    bullied Flint Dahl since the first incident; no other names were mentioned in
    what happened to the rodeo horse. All Media accounts have zeroed in on
    Flint Dahl. No compassion has been given to a troubled young man or his
    family. The radio and internet blasts about the incident in jail are going on
    while Flint’s mother says her final good-byes to her son. My heartfelt sympathies
    to the family of Flint Dahl, who was loved, and who’s family is loved. If none of
    you have a family member or loved one that has been affected by addiction,
    good; if you have had and are being judgemental, shame on you. And what
    about our new jail system…what went wrong there?

    • Concerned Reply

      I think after all this that the town of Pierre/Ft. Pierre need to sit back and look at all the real problems going on there. This needs to be a learning lesson or else it will just keep happening

    • Dianne Rheborg Reply

      I totally agree with you on the kind of person Flint is. Please let us all stop and remember that none of us are perfect and we have never had to walk the same road he did. Who among us hasn’t done something in our lives we wish we could take back. Please be compassionate to this family who are a part of our community. They are all suffering so. I send prayers for strength for all involved.

  4. del Reply

    When there is no longer discrimination and bias in the media only then can there be fairand honest reporting…..Delano Hall Carrie Hall

  5. Guest Reply

    My heart goes out to his family and friends. But I don’t believe that the drug and alcohol problem started after the incident with the horse. If he would have been leading a sober respectable life prior to the horse incident, the horse incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Although the stress of peoples cruelty probably did escalate the issue, that he clearly needed help with. He was not in jail just on the horse incident that was done and over with, he chose to continue his ways of alcohol/drugs instead of using the horse incident as a wake up call and getting some professional help. From what I can tell the judge gave him many of opportunity to change. We all make our own choices at how we live our lives.

    • Guest Reply

      But you are judging somebody who had a terrible sickness. We can’t judge him for his lack of sobriety. None of us knows his chemical makeup or genetic predisposition and none of us has walked in his shoes.

      • Guest Reply

        By you saying he had a terrible sickness, you are judging him as well. Im not trying to judge him. I believe the system failed him in my eyes, they sent him to a treatment center some time ago but then threw him to the dogs and then back in a cell after that failed. Knowing how he was being slandered and the stress that can put on someone maybe just maybe the judge should have sent him to a good rehab place along with some serious counseling to help him deal with and handle the stress of things in his life. Not always is a cell the best option for someone.

        • Guest Reply

          What an acenine accusation to make. No, I am not judging him. Nice try. Flint suffered from depression and addiction. That is a fact. I am pointing out those things because people in that situation are in need of COMPASSION. Sorry you are so confused and judgmental yourself that you have to judge somebody like myself, who saw him in pain and had nothing but concern and compassion for him. I really don’t get your ridiculous point of calling that judgmental.

          • guest

            And your not judgmental? You are judging me and my opinion. When I have the right to my opinion as do you. I did not say anything bad about him. I felt sorry for him. I just stated it differently than you. So maybe you should stop attacking me and opinion.

  6. Cousinly Love Reply

    RIParidise my dear cousin…through everything I’ve anyways loved you supported you and believed in … we live in a very cruel world, you may be good from us however you will never be forgotten not by me or any other family member! Add I’ve told you time and time again, no matter what any if then say deep down everyone loved you and will always!! Now you week fly high with grandma and grandpa!

  7. Me Reply

    Huh, a bully being bullied by the media and couldn’t take it.

  8. Dianne Rheborg Reply

    Flint Dahl in my opinion was a very nice young man who faced some terrible ordeals in life. Addiction is a terrible burden for anyone to face. Then you place on top of that all of the media hype and his life became unbearable. My heart and prayers go out to him and his family. Such a tragic event with no happy endings in site.

  9. Guest Reply

    You and every scumbag who upvoted you are the filth of society.

  10. Rapid City SD Reply

    Really its called RESPECT!

  11. guest Reply

    that is so uncalled for!!! he has family that is grieving. did you know flint personally?! everyone has their life problems, lets have your life problems thrown out into the world and you be criticized daily for your mistakes.! he was living in a hole he couldn’t get out of and he was struggling with addiction! I love how people can be so quick to judge and say such cruel things but when it comes to their life or family it is hush hush!

  12. Montana Reply

    Im am absolutely disgusted with all this. This man made mistakes in his life, Yes!! Who hasn’t..We do not like what he did but he was still someones son, brother, nephew , cousin, friend. The things being posted right now are cruel and nasty. Shame on all of you!! His family is hurting enough and dont need to read this.. Think before you speak..Nobody has the right to judge except God. Think of his family please. Your not huring him with these comments only innocent people.

  13. A Cousin Grieving Reply

    I will pray for this family over their loss, but I will also pray for those of you that feel the need to post hurtful, mean comments as you have obviously not found the love of Christ. Dear Father, Please wrap your arms around those grieving the loss of Flint, those left behind. Father please give your love to those who feel the need to be hurtful during this difficult time. I pray that they will find the love that can come only from you. Thank you for loving us all the same. Amen

  14. Rapid City SD Reply

    DRG….All these HORRIBLE comments need be removed NOW have respect for the family during this difficult time! Would you allow these comments if this were a member of your family? Probably NOT!

  15. Momdabomb Reply

    The people on here that are saying bad things will meet their maker some day and be judged. Karma is gonna kick them right in the teeth and I wish I was there to see it! Ted Biggins, if I were ever to meet you I’m pretty sure you would wish you hadn’t. As for Flint, he took the fall when there were many other people to blame, many others who’s names were not even mentioned. I moved away from that small minded town years ago and never looked back for a reason. There is a whole world out there with actual people who don’t thrive on someone else’s pain and suffering. I feel sorry for people who still live there and actually like it. Flint comes from a wonderful family and had the biggest heart you would ever know. But of course you simple minded bigots who think you hide your skeleton’s from the rest of us will believe the worst. Go figure!!!

    • Guest Reply

      I wish Flint would have spoke up and gave names of others that were involved. Im sure he thought he was being a good friend and if someone else knew of other people and didn’t tell shame on them. I hope they are feeling pretty miserable right now for allowing Flint to take all the blame.

    • guest Reply

      did u see the news clip with him? they had to bleep out his words due to his swearing on tv….that should make a parent proud. he had issues people…..very sad but true. my heart aches for his family…they are crushed due to his selfish act

      • Guest Reply

        And this goes back to how the media was after flint. THERE was no reason what so ever for them to even be filming him. What’s the point in that news clip they had that your referring to? I think that anyone after dealing with all the BS Over The blown outta proportion horse incident would have said the same kind words!

      • Guest Reply

        No you’re not sympathetic or you wouldn’t feel the need to bash on him. Disgusting. Keep your words of “sympathy” to yourself. Spare us your pathetic and phony act.

      • Guest Reply

        I wouldn’t have stopped swearing…that clip was garbage no point in filming Flint….I’m sure he went back to jail that night and watched the news clip your referring to and saw how he obviously wouldn’t be able to receive a fair sentence anyway about it.Less attention and media coverage has been given to people in that state who rape, kill and do far more harsh things then Flint. RIP Flint

  16. Gerry Reply

    I didn’t know Flint or his family but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I also pray for those who feel the need to speak negative. I know exactly how it feels to read terrible thing about your loved one because people don’t care or even care to understand the entire situation. I am a family member of a lost loved one from the Pierre area in a terrible situation and words are very hurtful. Please stop and think of this family and young man before you post something so terrible. My heart is with the family right now.

  17. guest Reply

    it was not just about a horse people……lots of other charges after the Judge gave him plenty of chances and sent him to treatment. after that didnt work, the Judge has no choice but jail. It is also not the jails fault for the suicide. jailers do their jail checks, etc…..cant watch 1 person 24/7….the act of suicide only takes minutes. my heartfelt feelings for his family, what a sad tragedy.

    • Guest Reply

      Uh some people ARE watched 24/7. It’s called a suicide watch. Look it up. Somebody definitely dropped the ball here.

      • Guest Reply

        Not to mention the also have cameras inside of the cells…sounds like they were not doing there jobs Period

        • guest Reply

          not in every cell idiot…get a real job and wake up

        • guest Reply

          i know the jail nurse…she is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has no business even being there.

          • guest

            i agree with that. did she know what she was doing when this happened?

          • Jaci Gregg

            please read the reply regarding the jail nurse above it may also do you some good as well…

          • Jaci Gregg

            I know the jail nurse as well she is my sister in law! I have to say she isn’t perfect but definitely NOT an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently you are well educated and would do the jail a great deed if you were to take the position of jail nurse! When given the situation she and her coworkers did what they were trained and taught to do- they took action and kept his heart beating and air in his lungs and did with all their heart and try! Because of that “idiot” nurse he was kept alive and was able to be transported to Sioux Fall to see if they were able to do anything further. It is people like you with your all knowing comments that make it hard for people to have faith in the good in this world. Do the world a favor take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to make the world better and not harder than it already is!
            With hope that you find it in your heart to be a better person,
            Jaci Gregg (wife of Shane- a best friend of Flint)
            (It would also be nice of you to own your comment by using your name)

        • guest Reply

          get a clue

      • guest Reply

        what if he didnt claim to be suicidal? how would the jail know to watch him 24/7? u people are small minded. obviously never had a job in corrections. wake up people

  18. WOW Reply

    wow everyone is attacking everyone else this is sad. A young man that was sick and needed compassion and help didn’t get it and unfortunately took his own life. He has a family that obviously loved him like blood is suppose to through thick and thin. And like any family Im sure they did what they could to support and help him and turn his mind to the positive. But sometimes it just doesn’t work. My sympathy to Flint Dahl’s family may he rest in piece may there be no more media coverage may people let the lost rest in peace. We all have done bad and good, GOD is the one true judge so let god take it from here.

  19. Jaci Gregg Reply

    You are a disgusting human. You haven’t the slightest idea who he was other than what you have read- hence the IGNORANT comment. As for you may you be ready when your day comes. Take care and may you live well for the rest of your days Ted.