Oahe Dam’s Emergency Spillway Gates to See Repair Work

Water at Emergency Spillway June 2011 (KGFX Photo)


PIERRE, S.D. – (DRG News) The Oahe Dam’s Emergency Spillway will be the main focus of work this year; as the Corps of Engineers continues with repairs at it’s Missouri River Mainstem projects. The Corps said earlier this year that seven contracts were awarded in 2012 to repair damages at Oahe Dam from the 2011 flood. The contracts were for work to repair gates, stilling basin roads, flood control tunnel repairs, and more. Eric Stasch,┬áthe operations project manager at Oahe Dam says with the 2011 flood bringing a record high pool in the reservoir, the Corps chose to take a close look at all of it’s infrastructure. He says currently, the main work that remains to be done is on the gates for the Emergency Spillway.

Stasch says right now, it’s uncertain whether the Emergency Spillway work will be complete this year or next.

Stasch says the spillway contracts required a complete check of the gates on the structure. He says a firm went through a design analysis of the gates, to make sure they would meet today’s standards. He also says though they are being repaired, the spillway gates can be made 100% usable in a short amount of time, if needed.

Stasch says a lot of repair work has already been completed for the Oahe Dam project over the past year or more.

Early this year, dredging work was completed upstream from the spillway gates to clean up a portion of the channel that was filled in during the flood that occurred almost three years ago.

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