A Reminder from your Community Resource Officer


Spring has sprung and it’s that time of year to start sprucing up the yards. I would like to remind all property owners to please keep your properties up to code. It is against city ordinance to allow any grass, weed or any other noxious growth to reach the height of 12 inches. Once notified of the violation you have 5 days to come into compliance. If after the 5 days you have not complied, I then have the right to have the property mowed at the owner’s expense. It is also the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the growth of weeds or grass growing on the sidewalks adjacent to your property.

It is against city ordinance to allow any bough or branch of a tree or bush to reach less than 8 feet above the sidewalk and 12 feet above any street, road or alley. It is also against city ordinance to allow any tree branch, bush or any other growth to encroach out onto the sidewalk, street or alley.

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