Officials Working to Address Sales and Use of Synthetic Substances in State

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PIERRE, S.D. – (DRG News) Law enforcers are ratcheting up their efforts to make a dent in the growing problem of the use of so called “analogue drugs” in South Dakota. South Dakota’s U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson held a press conference yesterday to address the issue of the synthetic drugs. Johnson says the synthetic or analogue substances have the same chemical make-up as controlled drugs-along with the same affects when they are ingested.

Johnson says the drugs are sold under various names and are marketed as products that are legal. He says the analogues give users the same effects that illegal drugs like meth and cocaine do.

Johnson says he hears quite often that people believe the substances are legal-but he says that is not the case.

Johnson says parents are the best tool for prevention in keeping the analogue drugs out of the hands of young people.

Johnson says parents have an obligation to talk about the dangers these copy-cat drugs can pose-from heart attacks to strokes-and other impacts. Johnson also said that young people aren’t the only consumers of the synthetic substances. He put sellers on notice that law enforcement will do what is possible to shut down the sales of the drugs. Just last week, nearly 100 people were arrested nationwide and more than five million packets of synthetic drugs were seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Three Sioux Falls tobacco shops were searched for the compounds last week and in western SD, a federal grand jury has indictment four men for conspiracy to distribute a controlled Substance Analogue following an investigation into sales of the drugs at a Deadwood store. Officials suggest that people become more informed about the danger of the copycat drugs by visiting such websites as The Partnership at at

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