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What happened to baseball in the mid-west?  I have tried to keep a baseball program in place for teenage kids for the last two years and it seems to go nowhere.  Once again it looks like there will be no team for the Mobridge Legion. I was told that kids want to be kids and that Baseball is too much of a commitment.  When I was a kid, Baseball was part of being a kid.  I can not imagine not playing this great game as a boy.  Have we gone to a society based on the high score of a video game.  Is there no one that has the passion I do about America’s Pastime.  I know that there are people out there that remember what it meant to have pride in a baseball team in this area.  I know there are people that enjoy going out to the ball park and cheering on the area youth.  I don’t know what to do exept hope that kids will one day realize that just like everything else that makes us mid-westerners, Baseball is part of our fabric.  I do have hope as there is a good crop of younger kids playing ball and the numbers look as if some day soon we all can go back to the magnificent ball park and cheer for a team in our area.  My hope is that employers and parents will help in developing our youth so that they can play.  I know jobs are important and kids may need an income but if a kid has to sacrifice playing ball to work then that child will have missed out on some of the best memories they may make in their youth.  If parents are all right with a child staying indoors all summer perfecting their skills on “Call Of Duty” then maybe baseball needs to go away.  If parents want their child to learn how to work in a team setting and bulid life skills, and be active, then there is hope for baseball.  In the movie “Field Of Dreams,” a voice comes out of the corn filed and says, “If you build it they will come.”  We have built it and it is a great place to spend a summer of dreams.  Of course I am talking about the amazing ball park we have here in Mobridge that will go another season with out baseball.  This is just my opinion, and I did not intend to offend video game players, parents or employers any where.

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